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Viraja & Shyamjith

Interactive Bharathanatyam Workshop

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Interactive Bharathanatyam Workshop
Viraja and Shyamjith

(Alumni of Kalakshetra Foundation – Chennai )


This Indian Classical Dance duo will share their dance experience and knowledge of dance techniques through interactive workshop over 7 days (Sept 20 thru Sept 26, 2017)

Viraja Mandhre and Shyamjith Kiran are young dynamic dancer duo in the field of Bharatnatyam today. They completed their post graduation in Bharatanatyam under the shade of the great banyan of the illustrious Kalakshetra Foundation, Chennai in the year 2009. Both have an outstanding record at Kalakshetra, where they excelled in their diploma and post diploma courses. During their course of study and even later they were blessed to be a part of the prestigious Kalakshetra repertory company and have worked with eminent performers and gurus in the field, taking up major roles and travelling across the globe with the troupe. At Kalakshetra, they were classmates of our own dance instructor, Sanjit Lal.


Viraja and Shyamjith are touring the United States this fall. During this tour, they have performed and conducted workshops at various prestigious venues throughout USA. I have invited them to visit Upasana Kalakendra and conduct an interactive workshop with our students. This is a very good opportunity for our students to interact with these young professional artists and learn from their experience. 

The workshop will be conducted at Upasana Kalakendra dance studio in Katy and Woodlands. The workshop is free for all dance students.

I hope all of our students will take advantage of this opportunity during Navarathri .


For more Details contact :

Anisha Rajesh

(Founder & Artistic Director – Upasana Kalakendra)


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