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Isha Kura

Isha, a youthful 16-year-old high-schooler, started her dance journey at the age of six. For 10 years, she has been a student of Guru Dr. Anisha Rajesh, Founder and Director of Upasana Kalakendra.  An avid reader and gamer, Isha has many passions, including dance, math, and giving back to the community. Isha is extremely hard-working, a fantastic team player, and a wonderful leader, making her an exemplary student at Seven Lakes High School in Katy. As a member of the Destination Imagination (DI) team for ten years, she has consistently won regional, state, and global awards!  She now pays the DI community back by conducting coaching sessions for younger kids and new coaches. Isha has also shown her dedication to community service as a Girl Scout, where she earned the Bronze and Silver awards and achieved the highest-level Gold award by leading many high-impact sustainable community service projects.  In addition to her love of Bharatanatyam, Isha immerses herself in her cultural roots through learning, teaching, and volunteering at VT Seva and Prajna, both organized by Ashtalakshmi temple in Houston.  Her journey with Prajna started at the age of four, and now she teaches yoga and bhajans to the next generation. 

Isha is fortunate to live with her grandparents, parents, and older brother and is surrounded by other immediate families all over Texas. She is honored and excited to showcase her dance to family and friends! She seeks your blessings for now and all of her future endeavors.

Sanika Havalimane

Sanika's journey is quite inspiring and diverse! Starting her training at Upasana Kalakendra, under the guidance of Guru Dr. Anisha Rajesh in Bharatanatyam at such a young age and continuing it for 12 years shows her dedication and passion for Indian classical dance. Seeing how she has excelled in dance and balanced it with athletic pursuits, academic achievements, and community involvement is wonderful. Her involvement in basketball and tumbling, alongside her dance training, showcases her versatility and commitment to various interests. Additionally, her active participation in organizations like the National Honor Society and FBLA and her volunteer work with the SEWA organization highlight her dedication to academic excellence and community service. Attending Chinmaya Mission for 13 years also speaks about her commitment to her cultural and spiritual upbringing. Serving as an intern and mentor for SEWA LEAD/ASPIRE program demonstrates her leadership qualities and desire to give back to her community.


Sanika's Arangetram is a culmination of her training and a celebration of her well-rounded personality and achievements across different aspects of her life. Sanika will be a rising Junior at Cinco Ranch and has a bright future.


Sanika is incredibly grateful to present her Arangetram to her family and friends. She seeks your blessings as she continues with her dance journey.


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