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Ashkin Mehta is a graceful dancer who has been a student of Bharatanatyam for well over 10 years. Her Arangetram, under the guidance of Dr. Anisha Rajesh, is the consummation of Ashkin’s diligent hard work and passion for dance. Ashkin’s discipline, passion, and commitment paved the way for her achievements today, and these traits are reflected in her love for dance. 

Ashkin leads the Jordan High School Color Guard/Marching Band team as a Lieutenant and Social Officer to many successful performances and awards. She is an excellent team player and communicator who has demonstrated strong leadership skills in several student organizations. Additionally, Ashkin has shown her musical abilities through her passion for Hindustani Indian Classical Singing. Ashkin is very loving and empathetic, showing her kindheartedness and appreciation through her community service work at charity clinics and organizing food drives.

Ashkin hopes to continue her education at Jordan High School and later pursue a career in medicine. She seeks blessings and good wishes from everyone during her Arangetram, which is a long-cherished dream for the family. She is excited to perform and present her Arangetram before friends and family as she embarks on a new chapter in her dance journey.

Askin's Arangetram is part of the Cultural Exchange project of The Community Artery, a Texas-based 501C3 (tax-exempt) non-profit organization. Donations received from Ashkin's Arangetram project will be donated to the Houston Jain Society. Please use the link below to Donate to Ashkin's Arangetram project.

Donate to Ashkin's Arangetram - A Cultural Exchange Project


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