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Policies, Rules, and Regulations


Upasana Performing Arts Centre LLC (D.B.A 'Upasana Kalakendra')


Upasana Performing Arts Centre LLC (D.B.A "Upasana Kalakendra") operates the website. contained within or otherwise available through external hyperlinks within such websites, certain mobile versions and apps of the foregoing, and associated social media outlets (collectively, the “Site”). Upasana Kalakendra conducts Classes, Testing, Programs, Workshops, and Events at various studios, venues, and online (collectively, "Service"). The terms and conditions contained or referenced herein (collectively, the “Terms & Conditions”) apply to your use of the Site, or any of the Products or Services offered through the Site, including your communications with Upasana Kalakendra staff, as well as the enrollment of yourself or your child as a student.


By using the Site or any of the Products or Services offered by Upasana Kalakendra, you agree to the Policies, Rules, and Regulations on this page. We may update these Policies, Rules, and Regulations from time to time without notice to you. You agree that it is your responsibility to review these Policies, Rules, and Regulations periodically to learn of any modifications. Your continued use of any product or service offered by Upasana Kalakendra, after the posting of any modifications shall constitute your agreement to be bound by such modified Terms & Conditions.


1.0 ATTENDANCE :  In order to maintain the rhythm of a class, it is mandatory that all Upasana Kalakendra (“School”) Members (collectively “Students”, individually a “Student”) attend every class assigned to their group. Please note there are no refunds for missed classes. If a student misses a class, make-up classes shall be scheduled before the next regular class to ensure that the student learns the items that their group was taught in the previous class. For group class students, students can make up for the missed classes with another batch of students on the same learning level.


If a student is not able to attend in studio class for a long period of time (one or two months) the student may opt to join in to the classes virtually and remain in the same group or the student may be assigned to another appropriate group when they come back. In general, students are required to take a minimum of 50 hours of training each year for satisfactory learning. The school will make every effort to reschedule missed lessons due to holidays and vacations to satisfy this requirement.

2.0 PUNCTUALITY : Promptness is very important. Students should report to class at least 5 minutes before the scheduled start time. This reflects the student’s commitment and respect for the time and effort of the teacher and fellow students.

3. UNIFORM :  The only recommended dress is “Salwar Kameez / Kurtha Pyjama with half sleeves” provided by Upasana Kalakendra. Hair must be tied up or pinned back, before coming to class. Please contact the teacher for any guidance. All students are expected to follow the dress code specified by the school.

4. REGULAR MONTHLY CLASS FEE ("TUITION FEE") :  Tuition Fees are to be paid in advance and are due on or before the 1st of each month. Starting April 1, 2023, Fees and all payments shall be made via ACH deposits only. In special circumstances, if check payment is made, the checks should be made payable to: “Upasana Kalakendra”. An administration fee of $10 per check may be incurred. A grace period of 7 days will be available to pay the regular monthly class fee after which a late fee of $10 will be charged. Tuition Fees are non-transferable and non-refundable nor can be reduced for classes not attended by the student. Please note that the regular monthly class fee is based on an hourly basis and will vary depending on the Class level the student is assigned to and the number of classes in a month.

5. ADDITIONAL SESSIONS :  Any special requests for dance/choreography, taught outside the normal syllabus will be charged according to the time, effort and specialty needed. The fees for such additional requests will be at the complete discretion of the teacher and shall be based on the notice period given and the availability of the teacher. Please note that these fees are to be paid in advance before the commencement of these sessions.

6. COSTUME FEE:  A fixed annual fee of $70 will be charged towards costumes. This amount is payable on February 1st every year and is valid for the period January to December of that year. Costumes will be provided to students of Upasana Kalakendra and for performances presented on behalf of Upasana Kalakendra only. Costumes have to be returned in the same appropriate condition it was given in, else the student/ parent is responsible for either repairing the costume or pay for the cost of replacing the costume. The costumes have to be returned in the next class after a performance. Students/ Parents shall not give the costumes provided by Upasana Kalakendra to anyone else.

Please note that Jewellery and other accessories shall be purchased by each student individually and are not included in the Costume provided by the school.

7. PRACTICE AID : Practice aids, as appropriate, shall be provided by the teacher through the Upasana Kalakendra student portal.

For new/ beginner students practice aids are given only after the student has learned to perform with the right technique (posture, araimandi, feet positions, hand gestures, movements, etc) at the school. This is to ensure that students do not practice the wrong technique at home, which when reinforced becomes very difficult to correct in the future.

Unless specifically permitted by the teacher, Video/Audio recording is not permitted in the classes.

8. STAGE PERFORMANCE :  Stage Performance is an essential part of learning any performing art form. While we encourage our students to participate in stage performances and dance competitions, we would like our students to put up quality performances every time they perform. Insisting quality in performance ensures that the student will value and respect the art form they practice and take pride in the high standards to which they perform. Planning and practice are key elements to put up good quality performances. On average 3 to 4 performances per year for advanced students, 2 to 3 performances per year for intermediate students, and 1 to 2 performances for Beginner students are recommended.

All students will have at least one performance in the school annual recital. In addition, the school also gets invitations from various organizations from time to time for performances. Every year the intermediate and advanced students will perform at least one more additional program (other than the school recital) on behalf of the school.

The school and the teacher put a lot of effort to ensure that the students learn their skills, hence it is appropriate that the teacher and the school shall be given due recognition and credits when a student performs on any stage. As far as possible it is advised that the students perform with their own group from the dance school for group performances as part of cultural events organized by various cultural organizations. We do recognize that due to associations with various different organizations the students may occasionally perform with students from other dance schools. In such cases, it is ethical that the students/ parents inform the teacher and the school in advance of any such performances and to ensure that such participation does not affect the school’s practice sessions.

All parents / students are advised to contact the school at least 5 weeks in advance if they wish to participate in any additional performances for competitions and/or in cultural programs in the organizations in which they are active. The school encourages and will make all possible efforts to accommodate any such requests for performances in classical, semi-classical, and folk dances (no bollywood / cinematic dances). Please see point 5 of this document for details of ‘Additional Sessions’.

9. ANNUAL RECITAL :  The school will conduct an annual recital every year. Please note that the date of the recital is dependent on various factors such as availability of the venue, light, and technicians, etc. A fixed fee per student shall be charged for this event. The date, place, and fee for the recital shall be conveyed to the students before the annual recital.

The Annual Recital is conducted to give a platform to the students to exhibit their talents and the skills that they have learned at the school to their parents, relatives, and friends. It is mandatory for all students to participate in the school’s annual recital, with no exceptions except for family / medical emergencies. Parents, friends, and relatives are encouraged to give feedback on the student’s performance and suggestions for improvements, etc to the teacher after the recital.

Updated on My 29, 2021

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