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Summer Intensive Course

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Based on our Philosophy of laying a 'Strong Foundation through Structured Training', we have designed our 'Abhinaya Classes' considering long term benefits to the students by providing a deeper understanding and training based on the philosophies and techniques described in the 'Natyasastra', an ancient Indian drama treatise, which is the root for all Indian classical dances.

Anisha Rajesh

Founder & Artistic Director 

Abhinaya Class

Our Summer Intensive 'Abhinaya Classes' are divided into four (4) levels, each level has four (4) parts. Each part will be conducted two (2) - 4-hour sessions.


Students will be provided with both theoretical knowledge and practical training. The intensity of the training will keep increasing as students advance through each part and each level. Students will continue to practice what they learned in each part and continue their journey to the next part of the series.


The Classes are designed to benefit all Intermediate and Advanced level Bharathanatayam and Mohiniyattam students. Beginner Level students can benefit from our less intensive and fun-filled 'Concepts of Abhinaya for Beginners' course.

In summer of 2018, we will be providing the following 'Abhinaya Classes' under the able guidance of our visiting faculty member, Shri Kalamandalam Shanmukhadas, a leading Kathakali artist in India. For more details of Sri Kalamandalam Shanmukhadas, please visit our faculty page.


Please read the notes below and click on the classes to register and pick your preferred dates for training.

Abhinaya Class LEVEL 1 : Part 1  (8 hrs : 2 Sessions - 4 hrs each )  - $175 only

Abhinaya Class LEVEL 1 : Part 2  (8 hrs : 2 Sessions - 4 hrs each)  - $175 only


Abhinaya Class LEVEL 1 : Part 3  (8 hrs : 2 Sessions - 4 hrs each)  - $175 only


Abhinaya Class LEVEL 1 : Part 4  (8 hrs : 2 Sessions - 4 hrs each)  - $175 only


Notes :  

1) Students can enroll in different Parts simultaneously, but can move from one part to next only after completion of the previous part.

2) After completion of each part a 'Completion Certificate' will be issued.

3) Upasana Kalakendra dance class students may 'Login in' to student portal during registration to receive a $25 discount for each course. Furthermore, dance students who attended and paid full amount for 'Dr Neena Prasad's Workshop in 2017' will receive an additional discount of $25 for Level 1 Part 1 course.

4) For all other information or inquiries, please use the below 'Contact Us' button or call 281-392-4703, to speak to our Artistic Director - Anisha Rajesh.

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